The Carnivals In Somerset Promotion Project (CISPP) was formed early in 2009 by a small group of carnival folk who were very concerned that the unique heritage of our Somerset Illuminated Carnivals could be lost in the future unless efforts were made to encourage more people to take part. Huge amounts of funds have been spent nation-wide on “Outdoor Celebratory Events” but carnival clubs and town committees have been told we do not qualify for grants because we do not employ people or want to build/conserve buildings. Traditional Somerset carnivals have been overlooked as a valuable community resource, which voluntarily provides training and acquisition of many skills for people of all ages.

With the advent of SW Olympiad meetings held locally, a few of us have at last, gained the recognition from the Arts Council SW that we are totally overlooked but are worthy of support

Walking Your Way into Carnival

Sunday 18th January 7.30pm at

The Wells Film Centre, Princes Road, Wells.


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